Lightroom Presets

These presets are made for travel lifestyle images. They all have a soft, washed style which work especially well for natural scenes but also can sit perfectly over more urban images as well.


B&W – Faded style classic black and white.
BLUE – For images with a lot of water.
DESAT – Desaturated and grainy, looks great on urban shots.
SOFT – Bright and soft for dreamy shots.
WARM – Perfect for sand or forest images.
WASHED – Great for portraits in magical travel locations.
Make your travel photos look consistent and professional. Simply load into Adobe Lightroom, choose your preferred style and adjust the exposure if need be. Done!


Travel lifestyle Lightroom Presets

Pack of 6 Lightroom presets for travel lifestyle shots. Try ‘soft’ and ‘washed’ for a dreamy feel, ‘Blue’ for images with a lot of water and ‘Warm’ for sandy and wooded shots.