Let go of that which does not serve you.

This morning I practiced yoga for the first time in months. I’ve realised recently that I feel unbalanced. I’ve been collecting tension and stress and not allowed myself time and space to release it. Today was supposed to be about rebalancing myself. I practiced yoga, then I totally stressed out, had a nap, then I... Continue Reading →

Feeling rough…

Today I’m curled up on the sofa poorly again. I had glandular fever 7 years ago and it’s permanently weakened my immune system. So if I work myself too hard I get ill pretty quickly 🤒 so here’s a photo of Francis in London last weekend being tourists. ✌🏻 This guy has totally been amazing,... Continue Reading →

We climbed Cadair Idris!

I didn't do any yoga today... but I did climb a mountain and did a warrior pose half way up... does that count? 😇 We actually walked all the way along that ridge behind me. Such a grand mountain and real beautiful views! It was a harder climb than we were expecting, we were almost... Continue Reading →

Yoga Every Damn Day….

Aaahh I have been totally off radar for the last couple of days sorry! But I have still been practicing yoga every morning and it feels super good! I started manifesting and all of a sudden I'm swamped with work! 😅 I'm not sure how this works but you need to be trying this! If... Continue Reading →

Manifesting abundance

I listened to a really powerful podcast from @yoga_girl last night about manifesting abundance. For my birthday a few months ago Francis bought me her book and I was completely blown over by the power that that woman has! This podcast episode takes us on a journey to how she's used yoga and meditation to... Continue Reading →

What I really want.

I did practice yoga this morning. And I'm super proud of myself for doing a whole online lesson as I find the morning to be the hardest time to practice. It made me feel super good and I really had a great day until I found out I didn't get the job I really, really... Continue Reading →

Day 4

Yesterday I didn't practice any yoga... so today I made myself do an extra long vinyasa flow to make up for it. It feels good to do yoga in the afternoon, maybe I'll try that more as I never have the energy in the morning. Who else is doing the #yogagirlchallenge ? If you're not,... Continue Reading →

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