Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, it’s been short and sweet 🏚 It‘s such a cool city. Less than 24 hours here and it was short last time too. I feel like there’s so much character here that’s ready to be discovered. It wasn’t meant to be this time but I will be back soon 👍🏻 Big love to YHA... Continue Reading →

Road trip!

The world is magical. Take a look around 🌎 We got the most amazing view when we headed up these mountains ⛰ We’ve just headed off on our mini NZ road trip! We’re super excited that we’re heading out on a mini road trip from Queenstown to Auckland over the next few days. Huge love... Continue Reading →

Take some time for yourself today.

Woke up with this heavy feeling in my chest today and was feeling really grumpy all morning and I couldn’t figure out why. So I sat in our new room overlooking the lake and meditated for 15 mins. The heavy feeling lifted and I feel like I’ve started today over again. . Still can’t focus... Continue Reading →

Travel lightroom presets!

I’m suuuuper excited to share my first set of lightroom presets with you guys!! They’re all a soft, washed kind of style, perfect for travel lifestyle photos. Swipe left to see some before/after shots. They’re on my website for less than $10 as a little first time price. Thank you for all your support I... Continue Reading →

We’re back 💙

It feels so good to be back here. We lived here for 3 months back in 2016. We had jobs, a flat, we’d built a whole life here. I cried for days when we left. We’d made the decision to go back to the UK to save our business but neither of us wanted to... Continue Reading →

Make it happen!

How blessed I am to be travelling the world with my best friend 💛 we worked hard for this and still continue to. . Write down your goals. Take small steps towards them each day. Never loose sight of where you are heading. You are the only one who can make it happen. 👍🏻

I’m here

Almost exactly 2 years ago I caught a flight out of New Zealand headed back to the UK after 5 months of exploring this beautiful country. I didn’t want to leave. I felt the most at home here I’d ever felt anywhere in the world. For months after I felt like there was a huge... Continue Reading →

Advice from a digital nomad newbie

If you haven't already been following or journey, myself and my boyfriend Francis have been living the digital nomad for just over 5 weeks. I'm always conscious of trying to make my blog and Instagram reflect reality and not to look too 'look at me I'm loving life in Bali' posts but it's hard because... Continue Reading →

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