5 Tips for NEW Vegans

Did you know that 10% of Christmas dinners in 2018 were VEGAN! Also Veganuary is growing faster every year which makes me super excited! I am so so happy I discovered the vegan lifestyle and I’m always keen to share it with more people! It can be a little strange at first so I’ve written... Continue Reading →

Tips for plastic free living

The plastic issue has gained way more traction in the last year. Ordinary people are becoming more aware and making changes in their own lives to reduce their plastic intake. It’s a talking point - and when in shops and restaurants people are praising for us refusing plastic bags or straws. It’s incredible, I never... Continue Reading →

One day at a time…

Treating myself today. Good food and some head space goes a long way. Fresh watermelon juice makes my soul happy. . . I’ve downloaded the Headspace app again to help me ease back into it. Have any of you used this app before? I’m thinking of paying the subscription fee, do you think it’s worth... Continue Reading →

This was a shock…

We headed down to watch the sunset on Legian beach last night and were met with this sight. Such a beautiful area with such a huge waste problem. I had known about this before we came but I was not expecting it to be so much... We heard it’s quite normal during the wet season... Continue Reading →

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