DJI Spark in Kerry, Ireland

Yes!! Having a drone in this part of Ireland is so fun!! I’m really learning how to fly it myself now, I used to let Francis fly it and I just take the pictures but I’m now controlling it all by myself 😇 we’ve got some killer footage and photos from today just around the... Continue Reading →

London at Christmas🎄

London is so Christmassy it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside ☺️ we had a day in London yesterday as I had some tests for laser eye surgery which I’m actually getting in a few weeks 😳 so excited but so scared!! But there’s an amazing vibe in London at the moment and... Continue Reading →


❄️😮 we don’t really get snow in the south of the UK... but we got it today! We were driving back to Oxford from the south coast and it just got deeper and deeper the more north we went. I forgot how exciting snow is I feel like a kid again ☺️ I think the... Continue Reading →

Absolute hero

This absolute hero jumped in the sea today. The sea isn’t warm in the summer in the UK, it’s bloody freezing at this time of year 😅 it’s actually scientifically proven that having a cold dip or cold shower is really good for your health. I went through a phase of having a cold shower... Continue Reading →

What’s important to you?

I find it tiring after a few days sitting inside working. I crave being outside in nature. One of my fave things to do is to climb mountains, it’s so energising! Francis said to me today that he was listening to an Alan Watts interview where he talks about how when we play music, it’s... Continue Reading →

Current mood…

Spent the morning doing yoga in our new minimalistic style room and then dancing around to hoppipolla 👍🏻 I’m feeling ready to take on some things I’ve been putting off for weeks and then sorting through 1300 wedding photos 😳 Music really helps with giving me motivation. Currently a bit of Whitney + the lighthouse... Continue Reading →

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