We can do this together!

Travelling and exploring this beautiful world has always sparked a passion deep inside of me. But in the last few years I’ve discovered a hurtful truth. Without realising it we are all contributing to the death of our very own planet that we survive on. I always thought I was doing my part, separating my... Continue Reading →

This was a shock…

We headed down to watch the sunset on Legian beach last night and were met with this sight. Such a beautiful area with such a huge waste problem. I had known about this before we came but I was not expecting it to be so much... We heard it’s quite normal during the wet season... Continue Reading →

Meeting Bamboo Straw girl!

Yesterday I met Mel aka @bamboostrawgirl ! I’ve been chatting to Mel on Instagram since I bought some bamboo cutlery and straws from her almost a year ago! She sells the most beautiful bamboo products and she’s super kind to give me a flask and some extra straws in a beautiful little pouch 😍 can’t... Continue Reading →

New venture…!

I'm super excited to share my very first YouTube video with you! This will be my new home of natural living and travel lifestyle videos! I'll be making lots of videos on homemade products, eco friendly and sustainable travel tips and tricks and travel vlogs! My first video is 10 amaaaazing eco friendly travel products... Continue Reading →

Plastic free oceans!

So since the new year supermarkets in the UK have started announcing that they’re taking steps to reduce their plastic consumption which is amazing news! Something like 90% of all plastic on earth has been created in the last 13 years (don’t quote me on exact figures) but that’s CRAZY! And it lives FOREVER. When... Continue Reading →

What’s important at Christmas?

Christmas can sometimes be overwhelmed with consumerism and selfishness so it’s good to take a step back sometimes and remember what’s really important. I’m looking forward to de stressing and spending time with my family (not usually said in the same sentence😅). I’ve also been very eco conscious with the gifts I’m giving and wrapping... Continue Reading →

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