We get a veg box delievered to our door…

As you’re probably very well aware in the UK (and I believe in a lot of other countries too) it is straight out impossible to shop plastic free in supermarkets. Even the loose produce have to be put in flimsy plastic bags (unless you have your own cotton produce bags) and weighed for a plastic sticker. This becomes even more problematic when you want to shop organic. Organic food is almost always packaged in layers of plastic. I recently decided that I want to consume more organic food but I have lived a reduced plastic life for a couple of years now so I had to leave the comfort of my supermarket and go searching for options. 

The next best thing is a local market. Markets use a lot less plastic packaging and a lot of the food is also local which is another win for sustainability. Our local weekly market sells amazingly good organic plastic free produce but the queue is always huge and we aren’t always free on Saturdays so it can be a little tricky for us. These amazing markets are few and far between and not always convenient for everyone. If this sounds like your dilemma then a veg box sounds like a great way forward for you. 

There are plenty of local farms that deliver veg boxes (google veg box in your local area) which are usually the cheapest option as well. There are a couple of larger companies like Riverford that also sell veg boxes along with other organic products. We happened to stumble across a Riverford stand in Oxford a few months ago and signed up there and then to get a free recipe book (we are such suckers I know) but so far we’re really impressed. They deliver a veg box every week and we are able to change things via their website if need be. Occasionally I will add a couple of cans of organic beans or passata, a fruit box or some extras of anything I fancy. We’re also able to cancel or change a box week by week whenever we need to. The only thing that frustrates me about Riverford is the plastic packaging that they use for their leafy greens and salad. Like always, salad sweats in plastic and never lasts very long in the fridge so I remove it from the packaging and box it straight away. They do offer to collect the packaging with the old boxes when the next delivery comes and we were told when we signed up that their packaging will becoming compostable very soon so I hope they stick to this promise. 

It can be a little expensive but it is all organic and great quality and I really believe that you can’t put a price on good health. Most of these companies do things by direct debit which also means you can cancel whenever you want. So try a a few weeks and let me know if you like it!

(p.s. this is not sponsored by Riverford or any other business. We are a standard customer and pay full price for our veg box :))

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