What happened in 2018?

We started this year in Ireland where we witnessed the most beautiful snowstorm in the mountains. We came home to snow, I had laser eye surgery, started a YouTube channel then we packed up everything we owned and left the UK. We fell in love with the beauty of Singapore, the people of Bali, the beaches in Australia and the mountains in New Zealand. We returned to Queenstown, where we left our hearts 2 years before. But not for long as we moved on through Sydney, back to Bali and Singapore – celebrated Francis’ birthday in the Marina Bay sands and headed back to the UK to celebrate mine in Tenby. After lots of catching up with family, a quick trip to Ireland and a weekend at Truck festival I spent the rest of the summer teaching a Photography workshop to international students. We moved into a beautiful new place – our first permanent residence in 5 years. We moved my parents out of my childhood home and I started a job at Greenpeace and met some inspiring people. We surprised my Dad for his birthday with a whole family trip to Croatia, then went to Milan for 24 hrs on the way back. We met our new baby nephew and spent amazing quality time at Christmas with both of our families. 8 countries, 1 new home, 1 end of an era, 1 new family member, countless memories. 2018 was my year for action – it certainly feels like I did a lot. Well 2018 you’ve taught me a lot. You’ve been difficult at times but beyond my dreams in others. Thank you. 💛

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