DIY mascara – vegan, zero waste and all natural.

For the last 2-3 years I have been making my own mascara using this recipe. Not only is is extremely cheap, it’s quick to make (quicker than popping to the shop to buy one) and I’ve found it even more effective than any shop bought mascara I’ve used over the years. It dries very quickly and washes off with just water which I think is a huge win. No smudgy marks if you swim or cry, it just comes cleanly off. Although really the best thing about it is it’s completely natural, 100% vegan, doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals and can be completely waste free. I have been using two old mascara tubes which I wash out well between each refill but I recently lost one and the other is getting rather old so I have just invested in a couple of refillable mascara tubes which will hopefully be a little easier to clean out and refill.


• Aloe Vera Gel

• Activated charcoal

• 3-4 drops tea tree essential oil (optional)


Firstly, if you’re using an old mascara tube wash it out well with soap and warm water, particularly the wand. Mix together all ingredients in a small pot to desired shade of black and then just refill the mascara tubes. It will take a little more time to do this with an old mascara tube as the hole is so small. A tiny funnel could be useful if you have one handy.

• Old mascara tube or refillable tubes

It really is that easy! Let me know how you find it! 🙂

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