Happy Buy Nothing day ! Black Friday is old news.

Black Friday SALE 🙄 bet your sick of hearing/reading this… It has made it’s way over to the UK in the last few years and companies have gone crazy. It’s really difficult to resist when you actually did want or need that item and it’s loads cheaper but you also want to prove to yourself that you won’t be reeled in like everyone else…

The issue here is that consumerism controls people. I mean we all know that right but still it doesn’t always mean that we change our habits. I used to be a massive hoarder and I am still learning (and still struggle) to focus on buying less and when I do buy something new I make sure I buy quality.

I’ve spent a fair bit of money recently on warm / thermal clothing for work but almost all of it has been bought second hand, which means I have also bought great quality clothing at a fraction of the price. Plus I’ve saved these items from landfill. Win win. Anyway I say that we try a #buynothingday instead and enjoy that feeling of freedom from consumerism. You will not get me this time 💪🏻 #qualityoverquantity

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