Why the Digital Nomad life might not be for me.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’re probably well aware that myself and Francis have spent the last 4 months travelling and living the ‘digital nomad’ life after a year of planning for it.

A week ago we got on a flight and headed back to the UK. It doesn’t mean we’ve failed and I definitely don’t regret the last 4 months, but we’ve learnt a lot about ourselves and have come to the conclusion that this might not be what we really want.

DSC08951     dsc00840

I’ve been crazy about travelling for a long time, I caught the bug from my mum who is also a self confessed travel addict. After coming across this ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle online, I became obsessed. Travelling full time while working online was my idea of the perfect life. What could be better? Don’t get me wrong, I knew it would be hard work – I’ve been a freelancer for 4 years and am well aware of the work that goes into making money on my own – I was well prepared for this. I am (still) a firm believer that you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.

The beautiful rice terraces in Bali

So we took a flight to Bali and worked our butts off. We sacrificed a lot travel wise because we spent so much time working and we were on such a strict budget. But we thought it would all be worth it because we were working towards a future where we could travel all we wanted. The first month was pretty successful, we were making just enough to live off which meant that we weren’t touching our savings. After about 3 months though we hit business rock bottom. We had made it to Queenstown, New Zealand and our bank accounts were almost empty after spending the savings we did have on getting there. The stress of being the other side of the world and barely having enough money to afford accommodation put a strain on our general happiness (and sanity). After getting a much needed payment through, we made the decision to head back to Bali as it was cheaper to live and easier to work.

Over the next couple weeks in Bali we did some real soul searching and working through things. Although we enjoy working online, we were also missing the face to face side of our work. It took some harsh realisations but the bottom line really was that we just weren’t content. We were in paradise but we weren’t able to enjoy it. Our initial plan was to head to Hawaii and Vancouver Island but after booking a flight, realising how expensive it is and having a small panic attack, we decided to book a flight back to London instead.

(via Singapore of course…!)

Some people say it’s liberating to travel with hardly any money but I think that really depends on your personality. I find it incredibly stressful.

All in all, we had an amazing few months – we were able to spend a good amount of time in some incredible places and we met some inspirational people – but (for lots of reasons) we’ve decided to base ourselves permanently in the UK for the future. Travel is still a huge part of our lives and always will be, I’m actually looking forward to being able to travel with a good budget in the future! (We’re planning our next trip already)

This means I can actually spend more time on my blog which is always my biggest priority anyway and I’ve got some great ideas for the future of Naturally Nomadic! Thanks for sticking around and being patient while we start our lives all over again, I so love being part of this amazing community!

3 thoughts on “Why the Digital Nomad life might not be for me.

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  1. Great blog, love watching the pair of you, I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for 10 years and love the freedom it gives. With an existing regular client base it may be easier to adapt to the digital nomad way of life, at least you have a safety net of existing work that way…can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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