5 easy ways to cut down on your waste

There are so many simple ways to reduce your waste. It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You’ll actually end up saving money in the long run, reduce the toxins you put in your body and contributing to a better, more healthy world! Here’s 5 tips to start you off…

1. Use reusable shopping bags! In the UK and lots of other countries, shops now charge 5p for a plastic bag and actually promote their resuables which is a huge step forward from a few years ago! They are everywhere, don’t cost much and don’t take up hardly any space in a bag! This includes skipping the plastic around fruit/veg, bread and bakery products and buying loose instead! I bought some cute little cotton produce bags on Etsy.

LRG_DSC07571 copyIMG_6516

2. Invest in a reusable water bottle! Not only will you save yourself so much money on buying drinks out, you won’t be ingesting so many toxins from nasty single use plastic bottles. Win win!


3. Take 10 mins to enjoy your tea/coffee or invest in a flask. We are always so busy with our lives that taking 10 mins to sit in a cafe and enjoy your coffee in a mug could actually do you some good! If not, invest in a flask – lots of coffee shops are now giving discounts if you bring a reusable cup so you’d make that money back pretty quick! So many takeaway cups are lined with plastic and can’t be recycled. Even compostable paper coffee cups rarely get composted.


4. Say no to straws! Who needs them anyway? Pubs/bars/restaurants need to get out of the habit of automatically putting a straw in drinks before they’ve actually asked the customer if they want one. Also, when I ask for no straw that would suggest I probably don’t want a plastic stirrer either! If you really like that straw life (I do in my smoothies) there are so many great reusable options. I love my bamboo straws (and flask!) from @bamboostrawgirl.


5. Compost your food. Most households in the UK and many other countries now have the option to have food bins which get collected every week. You don’t even need to have a compost of your own. Food thrown in landfill does not have the right environment to break down properly, nor can it then be reused as compost. Ask your local council if they have a food waste system, if not, ask around your area for neighbours that have compost. In Ireland my parents take their scraps to a local farmer who feeds them to his pigs. If you are up for creating your own compost it can be real fun and it’s super nutritious for all your plants.


I hope these things help you to start moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Please share and comment below with any more ideas!


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