Advice from a digital nomad newbie

If you haven’t already been following or journey, myself and my boyfriend Francis have been living the digital nomad for just over 5 weeks. I’m always conscious of trying to make my blog and Instagram reflect reality and not to look too ‘look at me I’m loving life in Bali’ posts but it’s hard because those posts are the ones that gets the likes…

So I wanted to check in with you guys and give you my whole hearted honest opinion about the first 5 weeks of being a digital nomad. Firstly, it’s not easy. People who say it is are either extremely lucky or talking crap. It’s hard work being a freelancer in general but it’s even harder when you’re in a different country with a different culture and you’re way out your comfort zone. It’s difficult to find that balance between making money and enjoying life! But I guess that comes with experience.

Saying all of that though, it is so incredible to be spending time in amazing new places as more of a local instead of a tourist passing through for a few days. I’ve already mentioned before that my favourite part of travelling is to just spend a good amount of time somewhere living in a ‘normal’ way; settling down, working, spending time building friendships, cooking our own meals. Really discovering the essence of a place.

The digital nomad life isn’t for everyone. If you don’t think you’d make a good freelancer or if you like routine or class your self a bit of a home bird you might find it more difficult. If you’re interested I’d recommend having a serious think about the work side of things first before you get excited about travelling. Remember that travel will always be secondary to your work. Although if you feel positive about working hard and making it a lifestyle it is amazingly rewarding and travel has so many wonderful benefits. 😊

We’re still newbies but so far we’re pretty excited about the idea of making this our full time lifestyle. If you have any questions please feel free to fire them my way, I’d love to be able to help! ✌🏻

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  1. Awesome ! Can I ask what it is you freelance in? I’m looking to move into digital-nomading (that’s a thing right!? Ha) but I don’t know where to bring in finding a career/job that’s freelance.

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    1. I am a retoucher. Be careful of just choosing something random because other people are doing it. Think of your skills and job you’re doing already and try to make that remote first ☺️


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