We can do this together!

Travelling and exploring this beautiful world has always sparked a passion deep inside of me. But in the last few years I’ve discovered a hurtful truth. Without realising it we are all contributing to the death of our very own planet that we survive on. I always thought I was doing my part, separating my recycling from landfill, buying fruit and veg from market stalls instead of supermarkets sometimes. But I was so naive. It’s not enough. We all have a responsibility to change this. More than that, we all have the power to change it. If you’re not sure how, I’m going to do my best to help. There’s so many amazing ways to adapt your lifestyle without compromising your luxuries or your money! Subscribe to my YouTube channel for lots of tips and ideas for living and travelling more sustainably. I have some amazing plans for this channel! (Link in bio) We can do this together! 💪🏻


Extra tip – this bamboo flask is from @bamboostrawgirl and it’s the best flask I’ve ever owned. I now never buy plastic water bottles or use take away cups ✌🏻

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