This was a shock…

We headed down to watch the sunset on Legian beach last night and were met with this sight. Such a beautiful area with such a huge waste problem. I had known about this before we came but I was not expecting it to be so much… We heard it’s quite normal during the wet season for trash to get washed up on the beaches in this area. Kids younger than 10 were wondering around with plastic bags digging out the plastic bottles only. Do they get money for these? In the western world our plastic problem is covered up by our great recycling efforts and trash collections that makes our rubbish magically disappear. This isn’t just Indonesia’s problem. This is a major world issue. I started this blog in an attempt to encourage people to think more sustainably and to show that being ‘eco friendly’ can be cheap, easy and very rewarding. However, the more I find out, the more helpless I feel. Most of this trash probably has come from other Asian countries or Australasia. Plastic does not biodegrade. EVER. when you throw something ‘away’ give a long thought about where it actually might be going. Into an overfilling landfill which will eventually burst and end up in the ocean? To be swept by the current and end up on a beautiful beach in Bali? Quite possibly. We have a responsibility, particularly in the western world, to take action to make sure this does not happen anymore. And it’s really simple, stop using plastic. My favourite new quote: ‘“one person can’t make a difference” say 7 billion people.’

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