The best 5 months of our lives

Exactly two years ago today I got on a plane with my favourite @francisdarracott and we started the best 5 months of our lives. Francis was so scared of flying back then he didn’t eat anything for days before 😅 after 24 hrs of travelling we arrived in Auckland, exhausted and jet lagged and tried to get to our hostel. That was such a blur but we woke up at 4am the next morning and could hear the birds of New Zealand. I remember thinking that it sounded so exotic and for the rest of our time travelling around the beautiful country I fell in love with that sound. I cannot wait til we get back on a flight for another adventure. It’s ultimately what gets me out of bed every morning. NZ we will be back one day 💙🇳🇿

P.S Francis made 3 amazing videos of our trip if you’re interested in seeing them links are below…

New Zealand Pt1


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    1. Ah thanks! We only had a Sony A6000 and go pro at the time but we now have lot more including a drone and hope to be back soon! 🙂


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