Feeling rough…

Today I’m curled up on the sofa poorly again. I had glandular fever 7 years ago and it’s permanently weakened my immune system. So if I work myself too hard I get ill pretty quickly 🤒 so here’s a photo of Francis in London last weekend being tourists. ✌🏻 This guy has totally been amazing, cooking me food and making me do easy yoga every morning and evening. Yoga really is underrated for wellbeing, it’s one of the best things I can do for myself but I don’t do it enough! No matter where you are in life I’m sure it’ll benefit your wellbeing, physical or mental. What’s your go to when you’re feeling rough?

P.s He is actually really happy in this photo underneath that serious face 😅 Downing Street is one of his fave places in London 🇬🇧

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