Turning 1300 photos into a time lapse… #sundayfunday

Today is #sundayfunday which means #sundayworkday for us 😅 but our work is so fun that it doesn’t even feel like work 🙌🏻 it’s really the best feeling. I had a photoshoot in Wolverhampton this morning which went great! And then we headed to Stratford-upon-Avon for the afternoon to grab some pizza lunch and film a new vlog for Francis’ YouTube channel which is kicking off by the way!! So he spent the afternoon making hyperlapses (crazy time lapses) by taking a photo every few seconds and then merging it into a video clip. He took 1300 photos which will probably end up as a 20 second video clip 😳 it’ll be out tomorrow if you’re interested in learning how to do an epic timelapse the old school way! ✌🏻 he’s just hit 1000 subscribers and I’m super proud of him for working so hard on it ☺️ I don’t like to ask much of you guys but if you’re not already subscribed to Francis’ channel head over there now – he’s got such good quality content these days and people are really starting to engage big time!

The link to Francis’ YouTube is right here or just search ‘Francis Darracott’ on YouTube 👊🏻 thanks you beautiful people 💜

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