Cornwall from the air 😍

Ah Cornwall is so pretty but from the air it’s something else! Just been looking through the photos from our road trip yesterday and some of the shots look like we’re somewhere exotic, not in a rainy England! 😅 If you’re interested here’s a few techy things about the DJI spark…


– It shoots jpeg only with a standard picture profile so it’s a little harder to edit than flat RAWS but actually not as hard as I was expecting!


– Each battery lasts 15 mins which doesn’t sound like a lot but seems to be enough really. The charger can charge 3 batteries in 45 mins which is incredible! We have two batteries so had 60 mins of flight time with just one charge over lunch and it was ideal.


– It films in 1080p which again is not the best quality but it’s perfect for Francis’ vlogs. He’s made a vlog about our day yesterday with all the drone footage watch it here:


– The best bit about the drone is how small it is. People don’t seem to be worried at all and at about 30m away you can barely hear or see it.


All in all, it’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made and we love it! Can’t wait to take it to some awesome places! 😉

If you’re interested check out the DJI Spark on Amazon or the DJI Spark Combo (with controller and extra bits).

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