How to write a good travel journal…

As part of my action to build my new life, I bought an online course on how to write better travel journals. I thought it might be good for tips and tricks etc but was amazed at what this simple exercise did!…

He asked us to essentially meditate for 5-10 mins first and then start to recall a place from our memory and try to bring all of our senses back to uncover as much as we could. After coming out of my meditation about 20 mins later I found that I could write 2 whole pages about this place I previously thought I could only remember a few things about. Happiness and contentment was just flowing through my whole body. This is always how travel has made me feel but I’ve just realised that instead of wishing my time away I can actually revisit these places! It felt so real, just like we were back there.

I’m only half way through this course and this is written in an excited mess so I obviously haven’t learnt the techniques well yet 😅 but this is super positive already!

This was a perfect meditation today for my #yogagirlchallenge 🙏🏻

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