What I really want.

I did practice yoga this morning. And I’m super proud of myself for doing a whole online lesson as I find the morning to be the hardest time to practice. It made me feel super good and I really had a great day until I found out I didn’t get the job I really, really wanted… 😓

Gutted. But after a few hours of feeling sorry for myself and moaning to Francis that I don’t want any other jobs, I’ve realised it just confirms to me that I have to focus back on what I really genuinely want: To be a hard working, location independent entrepreneur. I’ve just come across a really inspiring video on YouTube about the reality of being a digital nomad and the harsh truths about whether you’re cut out for it… and I realised that yeah, I think I am and yeah, I’m willing to do all that hard work to reach my goal. So tonight is planning night (with wine…) This is what life is about.

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