Coral beach…?

We found a place on the map called ‘Coral Beach’ and I was so excited about it. It was really hard to find but we finally came across the pier that the directions had mentioned but there was no sign of a beach or any coral. After walking around for about 10 mins we found a tiny secluded sandy beach but I was really disappointed that there was no coral. Just before we were about to leave I realised something. What we thought was sand was in fact thousands of tiny pieces of dead, broken coral. I recently watched a documentary called ‘Chasing Coral’ which was a real eye opener about the issues of bleaching and dying coral. Since the printing of the tourist map we had, the coral had bleached and died. There was no coral left. This made me so sad, it’s not just beautiful nature, it’s also so crucial to our delicate ecosystem if people really knew what was happening I think a lot of people would live a different life… 😢

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