Remote work problems…

Well it's been an interesting day in Skegness… not my choice of day trip but Francis is filming a wedding here today and I am trying (and failing) to cafe-hop and do some work! It's such a strange place, feels like I've got back in time 10 years, I've seen kids with roller trainers and those things you throw on the ground that make a bang and the whole town just smells like weed and donuts 😂 I've been here for 2 hours so far and have no managed to find any wifi. There's no chains here, just independent cafes and restaurants, which I am all for usually but here none of them have wifi! And there's no Starbucks / Costa / Cafe Nero or even wetherspoons which I usually use as my back up 😅I've drank so much tea today already and I've still got 3 hours to wait around til my train to the airbnb… there's not much to do here…

Not really dressed for the beach either 😅

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