Energy. Something I definitely don’t take for granted. I’ve really struggled with my energy levels ever since I had glandular fever 8 years ago. It took it out of me then, and I’ve never fully got it back. I envy people who are full of energy all the time, I crave a life like that so much. I wake up tired and I feel varying levels of tiredness all day until I go to bed exhausted. The kind of tired that isn’t sleep deprived, it’s that my body is physically knackered and I just feel weak. Over the years I’ve tried various natural methods to supposedly boost my energy, supplements, herbal sleeping methods, a memory foam pillow, yoga, different types of exercise, cold showers, I always eat well and drink lots of water but nothing has ever made a significant difference. Sleep is usually the biggest culprit but I generally sleep pretty well. When i was an omnivore I still had this issue, a lot of people have mentioned that becoming vegan gave them energy but it did nothing for me. I spend a lot of time and money making sure I get all the nutrients I need in my diet, which is more than most people. Exercise tends to make me more exhausted, even 4 months after regular morning workouts. To be honest I’ve kind of got used to it. I accept that I have to carry on with things while feeling tired all the time. But I feel like I could achieve so much more if I had the energy, it does stop me doing some things. I’m not after a miracle cure, but if something had a positive effect, I would work at it. Has anyone had similar issues? Any crazy suggestions, I’m happy to consider! 

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