World Oceans Day 

Today is World Ocean Day 🌊 a day where we are reminded that our ocean is our life blood and that we should be doing everything in our power to look after it. For me, this reminder is every day. Francis grew up by the sea, he has always had a huge love and respect for the ocean and he has taught me this too. Through technology and convenience the link between our consumeristic lifestyle and the health of our ocean is broken. That plastic bag you brought your shopping home in, the toothbrush that you buy new every few months, the plastic straw that makes your fizzy drink taste that much better, that little plastic ring thing that holds your beers together… and although you may do your best, somehow it ends up in the ocean, which then ends up in the stomachs of fish, seabirds, whales, around the necks of seals, around the shells of turtles. We are suffocating our lifeblood and yes, you and I are all responsible. I’m not perfect, no one is. But it’s an awareness I carry with me everyday (sometimes literally, I carry rubbish around with me until I can dispose of it properly). Yes corporations are at huge fault. But they produce these things because there is a demand for them. Remove the demand, increase the demand for compostable, sustainable alternatives and the corporations will follow. We all need to fight for our ocean survival. 

(Photo taken at the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and the Tasman sea – one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen – Cape Reinga New Zealand.)

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