Less waste and good food while travelling… is it possible?

Travelling makes it super hard to be environmentally friendly. I think the answer to using less waste and eating well on the move is pre-planning. The bag I carry around almost everywhere with me contains a couple of produce bags, a reusable string grocery bag, my bamboo cutlery & straws, a reusable water bottle and small pots of my homemade deodorant and moisturisers. I sometimes have my tea flask with me too (tea obsessive… see previous post). This helps me to reduce buying a lot of the waste while on the road but it’s never perfect. It sounds like a lot of effort but it’s not really (although photographing them like this made me feel like a crazy). The more I travel the more I understand that it’s something I have to do to help my health and help the environment. What are the best things you bring travelling with you?

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