Gothenburg at 7am on a Bank Holiday – Sweden

On our last day we had to leave Horred early so we ended up in Gothenburg city at 7am with 11 hours to kill before our flight back to London. We spent the first couple of hours wondering around the city still asleep but we pretty much had the city to ourselves and it was a beautiful morning. We found a real nice coffee shop to wake us up a little and then spent the late morning on a photography (for me) and videography (for Francis) mission.


Gothenburg is a lovely city, very clean and welcoming, although there doesn’t seem like there is much to do (it may have been because it was a bank holiday Monday to be fair…) A lot of the shops / cafes / museum etc were closed. We did find a lovely little park where we discovered a ‘Palm house’ – one of those huge greenhouse buildings will all sorts of species of palms. That was the real highlight for me (crazy nature lady).


After lunch the early morning really started hitting us and our backs ached from carrying around our luggage so we headed for the airport, and after a couple of hours jumped on our flight and headed back to London. We weren’t in Sweden for long but we saw a lot and I felt totally relaxed the whole time we were there, it seems to be a very chilled out country. Thanks for having us Sweden, I’m sure we will be back soon! 🙂


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  1. I just got back from a trip to Sweden and missed Gothenburg! Seems like you had a great time, would love to go one day!


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