Music video filming in Sweden – Magdalena Wolk

We first met Magdalena when she booked a session with our music video channel Oak Sessions way back in 2015. Her cousin had just bought the famous Old Sessions house in Clerkenwell – central London which was at the time pretty much a shell of a building.

It was initially built in 1780 as a ‘Justice of Peace’ (not really sure either, something to do with magistrates I believe..) but in the last 40 years it had been let go a little. Since then, I believe it’s been completely renovated and is being used for her cousin’s business. Back then, the wallpaper was pealing, everything was covered in dust and there was some sad looking pieces of furniture and a broken mirror. The rooms were endless, it was so easy to get lost in them. For us, it was a filmmaker & photographers heaven! I have always had a little bit of a fascination for derelict buildings. Anyway, we’ve filmed a number of videos for Magdalena since then, so we were really excited to work with her again. She’s originally from Sweden and lives there now. Her family own a little holiday home in the forests near Horred and we were invited there to film her latest music video for her new single ‘Vin Noir’. The house was so typically Swedish and unbelievably perfect for the music video! A lot of the furniture is very traditional and we found some great props. I’m really excited for it to be released, I’ll make sure to share it with you guys when it’s out!


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