Digital nomad with no internet.. (Sweden)

So for the last few days I’ve been in the middle of nowhere in Sweden with absolutely zero internet. At first I was really excited, I love to be just cut off from the world sometimes surrounded by nature. It is incredibly beautiful there. Then my business brain kicked in and I started worrying about all the emails we’d be getting and not replying to. What if someone needs us?! But really, in our business usually people can wait a few days. It was actually difficult at first. I don’t see myself as someone addicted to their smart phone but I did get up a couple of times to check my emails before realising I won’t have got any. This took a bit of getting used to.
We were there to film a music video. This is Francis’ day job and I am very lucky to be able to go with him as a photographer and director’s assistant most of the time, I love it. The video is for a Swedish singer songwriter named Magdalena Wolk, her family own a little cottage near Horred in a beautiful forest next to an even more beautiful lake, which is where we stayed for 3 days. It’s so typically Swedish, with flags in the window and even the living room is decorated blue and yellow although that’s apparently coincidence. It’s super cute with wooden floors and windows, a wood burning stove and bookshelves filled with old Swedish books. It’s been such a lovely weekend. I feel so refreshed, I’m ready to start again…

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