Living chemical free

Ouch Ouch! You know it’s almost summer when the midges come out to eat you and your ankle swells up to double the size… 😦

I make most of my products myself with simple natural ingredients but I haven’t yet some needed an antihistamine. A quick google and I’ve learnt that apples have a natural antihistamine in them and aloe vera is good for swelling. In the last year I’ve made deodorant, mascara, toothpaste, lotion, soap and even shampoo (although that didn’t work so well) all from simple natural ingredients using recipes I’ve found online. There is something so satisfying about making something yourself… especially when it works! I know everything that’s in these products, no harmful chemicals that are destroying me from the inside out, not any more! I’ve found the answer to most of my health problems by just heading right back to nature. Keep it simple. That aloe vera is also doing wonders on my ankle…!

#chemicalfree #naturalliving #zerowaste #naturalproducts

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  1. Jess, I’m in love with your blog and especially this post. So much so that I want you to send me some of your homemade products!!! Reading your blog has inspired me and makes me feel better.


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