Meet Francis

This is Francis – my other half, business partner, personal trainer and all round love of my life.

Between business and home, we spend most our time together but never get bored of each other. We have a lot of differences but they don’t seem to ever become a problem between us. Of course there has to be compromise like any relationship but at the end of the day, compromise really doesn’t feel like I’m losing anything.

We met while at Uni in Swansea (Wales). His story goes that he came up to talk to me in a bar but I just ignored him and walked right past. I’m not convinced that’s completely true but there had been a lot of alcohol consumed in my first year of Uni so it seemed to past in a bit of a blur. Anyway we got to know each other through mutual friends and went on a date to the Mumbles – we walked there in the rain.. it took us 2 hours and my feet were soaked. We then sat on the beach with bottles of cider and chatted all day. We have been pretty much inseparable from that day.

I joke about ‘personal trainer’ but seriously he pretty much is. He knows how much I hate exercise so sets me little challenges and goals to help me get off my bum and out for a run. Almost all of our time and brain space is usually taken up with business though. He’s a filmmaker / director and is amazing at creating things and coming up with ideas but I’m sure he won’t mind me admitting that he’s hopeless at being organised. But that’s ok cause I love organising! (Sad I know…) All in all, it works pretty damn well and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Also – check out Francis’ YouTube channel 🙂

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