Aotearoa – The Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand

I was born in the UK into a family obsessed with travel. My first trip was to Menorca at 3 months old and I have been really lucky as a child to visit some amazing places. If you haven’t figured it out already, yes – the obsession rubbed off. Last year, myself and my boyfriend Francis (you’ll be hearing a lot about him) flew to New Zealand with a hostel for the first 2 nights and a bus ticket. We spent two months travelling around the beautiful country and then spent 3 months living and working in Queenstown on the South Island. Ok so I know Queenstown has it’s reputation for being basically a town of British people but it was actually genuinely an accident that we ended up there for so long (honestly, we ran out of money). It turns out, getting stuck there was one of the best things we did.

I’ve always struggled with the concept of belonging somewhere. I wrote my bloody dissertation on it and I still didn’t figure it out. But I have to say that I felt more at home in New Zealand than I have ever felt in the 25 years I have lived in the UK. The one thing that struck me about Kiwis is their genuine love of their country and culture. Tourism is huge out there (obviously, it’s f-ing beautiful!!) but each tour guide we met was so genuinely excited to share these wonderful stories and show us the stunning areas that they are so proud of. That, for one is something we lack in the UK. I think we should all take a leaf out of the Kiwi book!

Beautiful Queenstown

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