An introduction…

So welcome to my first ever blog! I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit more… or is that too formal? Essentially this platform will be the home of my discoveries and thoughts as I work towards a more natural and nomadic life. I currently run a number of businesses which all heavily rely on internet and technology (yes I am a self confessed Apple fan girl) so the plan is to get these businesses FULLY reliant on internet and technology which then will allow me to work from anywhere… getting the idea? If you haven’t yet heard of the Digital Nomad movement I would highly recommend checking it out. Especially if you’ve somehow ended up here, my guess is that it might well interest you… a little. The other side to this project is my journey of heading back to nature in my way of living. This includes eating a plant based diet and attempting to live as waste free and as minimal as possible. I am in no means perfect in any of these so I want to bring a sense of reality and acceptance to these movements, tiny step by tiny step.

I may have lost you a little.. if so don’t worry – I struggle to explain myself most of the time so this might take some practice. If all else fails I will be posting (hopefully) pretty pictures of places I visit along the way 🙂


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