Switch to Green Energy

I recently just posted on Instagram about the devastating Australian bush fires. It's easy for us feel helpless, especially if we're the other side of the world, and although we can definitely donate to charities helping the affected people and wildlife, we should also be turning our attention to stopping this happening EVER again. Climate... Continue Reading →

Why I stopped blogging

I have temporarily stopped blogging before in the past and made excuses like I’ve been working so much and haven’t had time which is usually true but it’s not the whole story. There are two other main reasons why I haven’t been posting for a few months and these are what I want to talk... Continue Reading →

UK Government, Declare a Climate Emergency

Greenpeace have just launched a petition calling for the UK government to declare a climate emergency. Unless our government (and others around the world) start acting seriously about climate change, we're going to be in hot water sooner than we think. >> Click here to sign the petition <<

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